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game with 19 poi○nts. The home sid●e Mavericks tried a ●series of runs 〓in the seco●nd half. Jason Ter●ry combined with Mav●s star Dirk Nowit○


zki to notch 51 po○ints on the night. ◆But they we〓re not as good as t○he Spurs'second-half○ triple-thr■eat. Tim Duncan ●notched 25 poi◆nts and 17 rebo●unds in the game.〓 Manu Ginobili● scored 23 poi○nts, and Tony ■Parker had 16■ points and◆ 8 assists. San A●ntonio beat◆ Dallas 10

2-○88 to level t●he series 1-1.Olympi■c Softball Roundup:○ Japan wins, U.S. ●stunned, hope

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exist◆sBEIJING, Aug. 21● (Xinhua) -- Japane〓se boyish pitcher Ue◆no Yukiko led the● national team to● win the Olympic s○oftball gold, be●ating


the t●hree-time Oly○mpic champions th○e United St■ates 3-1 in the fi■nal here on Thursd●ay.The 26-year-old a○ce pitcher work■ed seven comp●lete innings, striki〓ng out five ba〓tters and allowing 〓five hits.On 〓the morning■, the team had an● early encounter wi◆th American ladi●es during se●mi-final, w●hen Ueno hurled thr●oughout th○e prolonge◆d nine-inni●ng match at ■a speed above ○110 kilomet●ers per hour.Alth◆ough Japanese■ finally lost wit●h a score of● 1-4, they s■eized the las〓t chance in the a●fternoon.The do-●or-die com〓petition wit〓h Australi●a was a ti〓ring one. With〓 12 innings, ■it was the 〓longest

one at ○the Beijing Olympi■cs.US, Austral○ia to meet for 〓women´s○ basketball g◆old

BEIJING,○ Aug. 21 (Xinhu■a) -- The United S〓tates, the three co〓nsecutive Oly○mpic women's bas◆k

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etball titles○ holder, will take o〓n Australia, the● current world c○hampions, for the ■Beijing Games gold ●on Saturday.●Australia eased pa◆st China 90-56 〓in a semifinal g〓ame while the ○Americans overcame● a slow start to b●eat Russia 67-52● in another s○emi.The Aussi○es continued to ●excel on rebo■unds in the seco

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nd● quarter, ●with 13 comp●ared to Chi●na's seven, and s○core in

the pai●nt to stre○tch the lead◆ing margin t●o double digi

ts at h●alf-time, ●34-18."We lost a lo

◆t in reboun〓ding," China■'

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